COVID-19 Disinfecting Services

Keep Your Customers and Employees safe .

Doing your part and taking this extra step will reduce the spread of the virus.

OSPM now provides supplemental COVID-19 disinfecting services to businesses looking to keep their customers and employees safe. Using electrostatic sprayers and other methods, we disinfect your location and keep your exposure to COVID-19 to a minimum. Schedule an appointment and we’ll help you develop your plan to operate safely during this pandemic.


Why should I get my facility sanitized?

Having your site sanitized is an easy way to show your customers and employees that you take their safety and the pandemic seriously. Doing your part and taking this extra step will reduce the spread of the virus.

What type of chemicals do you use?

We use only chemicals that are approved by the EPA to treat the Coronavirus (Covid-19). This EPA approved list is frequently updated and we are always monitoring the list to find the most effective and safest product to clean your site.

How often should I get my site disinfected ?

You should have your site sanitized when someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 has been in your business. Otherwise, the frequency of service will depend on your budget and your ability to keep high touch points and other areas clean between visits. Each site is different, with unique customer habits and flows. We’ll work with you to find the right balance that suits your needs.

What equipment do you use?

Depending on the surface, we use either electrostatic sprayers, hand sprayers, or wipes. 

Our primary method of applying disinfectant is an electrostatic sprayer which shoots a fine mist with a negative charge that wraps around surfaces and treats hard to reach areas. Wipes and hand sprayers are mostly used for exterior areas.

My site has been closed for a while, should I have disinfection done before I open?

Yes. This gives your customers and employees peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken every precaution to keep them safe. It’s a wise decision for safety reasons and it’s a great marketing tool differentiating you from your competition, whom may not have taken the extra precautions.

When can service be done?

Cleaning is done after hours to ensure that proper safety protocols are followed.

How much does it cost?

Disinfecting costs are determined by square footage and number of surfaces that need to be treated and frequency of service.

How large of an area can be treated?

With our equipment we’re able to treat areas as small as a single office to entire warehouses.

One Stop Property Maintenance will keep your customers and employees safe


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