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The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Kenji Lemon

Having been in various business endeavors since the 5th grade, I’ve always nurtured a desire to build an organization that stands apart from its competitors; something durable and tough like Detroit, my birthplace and hometown.

I founded One Stop Property Maintenance LLC in 2006 with funding from family, personal savings, a full-time day job, and a large dose of entrepreneurial zeal. To keep overhead down, I ran operations out of my parents’ house and stored equipment at multiple relatives’ backyards.

Shortly after launch, prospective customers told me they’d been purchasing individual services from different contractors or dealing with national organizations that sub-contract work out to other companies. I could see self-performing was the best way to increase value and quality for our target market.

One Stop Property Maintenance’s first customers were Burger King and several property preservation companies. I started assembling a team to help me handle the work flow and began building a portfolio. We took on wildly varying tasks, from cutting grass and covering pools to demolishing garages. At that point, I realized facility maintenance requires a more systematic year-round approach.

After landing a major chain as a client, we worked tirelessly to put our certifications to use and eventually gained several larger clients. We also acquired smaller customers that were within our target area; proximity augments our ability to offer quick service at the best value.

OUR REPUTATION has grown through referrals and partnerships, helping me realize an important milestone in my vision: the ability to focus our offerings in the Metro Detroit market.

OUR GROWING TEAM reflects my desire to promote diversity. I am proud to have women, minorities, returning citizens, veterans, and local Detroiters representing our mission in the field daily. Each individual is hired based on their fit for our culture and desire to grow with us professionally.

OUR GOAL is to become intertwined in the success of our customers year after year. After all, the better they look, the better we look.

While always providing value and superior quality, we’ve expanded core services from turf maintenance and snow removal to include power washing and lot striping. Today our customers are able to turn multiple tasks over to a company that will act as a partner.

One Stop Property Maintenance looks forward to becoming your exterior maintenance company – not just servicing your immediate issues but anticipating your future needs.

Kenji Lemon

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