Turf Maintenance

Save time, effort and money

A professional appearance requires more than just cutting and edging

Irrigation System Maintenance

Irrigation/sprinkler systems provide essential hydration and prevent over-watering for a lush, healthy landscape. Ongoing maintenance ensures even distribution and helps prevent water leaks and loss.

Fertilization &
Weed Control

Fertilizer nourishes the root system, resulting in improved health, color and appearance.

Weeds and fungus can destroy your turf. These are resolved through environmentally conscious use of herbicides and fungicides.

Clean ups

Keep your property looking great all long with our seasonal clean up services.

Our commercial property experts will protect your investment and keep you commercial property safe and healthy during every season.

Construction / Accident Repair

When the unexpected happens to your property, OSPM is ready with options to repair damaged turf, irrigation lines, shrubs or plants. 

Our commercial property construction /accident repair services ensures that you property will be fully functional in no time!  

How One Stop helps you save money

Professional turf maintenance helps prevent:

It also promotes:

One Stop Property Maintenance turf maintenance
One Stop Property Maintenance turf maintenance

Our Professional Grounds Care Services will leave your commercial property looking its best!

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