Why Disinfect?

The best reason to disinfect your facility is to ensure your stakeholders, employees, and customers are safe. Period!

OSPM takes this seriously and routinely updates our practices to reflect current CDC guidance and procedures for disinfection. Here are 2 important reasons to include disinfection in your companies Covid-19 preparedness and response plan.

Minimize Liability

This pandemic has taken a remarkable toll on every facet of our economy, from wall street to main street. Shutdowns and precautions have severely taxed financial resources, human resources, and morale, thus making every business decision much more perilous. Having your facility disinfected is a prudent decision that will minimize your exposure to liability.

Prevent Closure

Another point to keep in mind is the cost of shutting your facility down in the event someone tests positive that has been at your site. Is the cost of shutting down your facility less than the cost of being vigilant about safety?

Disinfection should be a part of your plan to co-exist with Covid-19 until a permanent solution is developed. Whether you have staff do routine disinfecting tasks or hire a professional like us for expert service. Keeping proactive steps in your daily routine may help your business succeed in the future.

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