COVID-19 Disinfecting Cleaning Services in Northville Township Michigan

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COVID-19 Disinfecting Services in Northville Township, MI

Have you had to close your doors due to COVID-19? OSPM is your best option near Northville Township, Michigan to get your business location safe and ready to reopen with our covid disinfecting service. Utilizing our electrostatic sprayers, we are able to provide effective treatment of all high-touch areas while minimizing downtime.

We only utilize List-N approved disinfectants that have short dwell times to ensure the best disinfecting outcomes. From small businesses to large manufacturing plants, OSPM is ready to assist with our covid disinfecting service during the reopening process. Using OSPM’s covid disinfecting service can give you, your employees, and your customer’s a healthy environment to use.

OSPM uses effective covid disinfecting treatments such as electrostatic sprayers. The electrostatic sprayers are best used for high-touch areas like door handles, stair railings, light switches, countertops, and more. Giving your employees and customers a sense of security by using OSPM covid disinfecting services during this time is very important not only for reopening a business but for cultivating a healthy environment that plants in front of your business.

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